Reasons why $55 a year is worth your investment into our neighborhood !

We, on the Country Hills West Board, would like to THANK each & every one of you that help support CHW. Your dues make it possible for us to exist as a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help beautify our neighborhood, not only to help keep up our property values, but to enhance our enjoyment for ourselves and our guests. In addition, we try to promote a sense of community and service among the residents of Country Hills West.

Neighbors like yourself contribute $55 a year to accomplish the items listed below.


How are your dues used? 

  1. We beautify & maintain parkways...planting new junipers, or replacing diseased trees. We hire a gardener to water & maintain the main parkway.
  1. CHW plants flowers regularly and seasonally at the entrance of Sandlewood and Idaho to beautify the monument so ALL (including guests), can enjoy driving into our neighborhood. Bob Kienast donates his time each week to maintain the entire monument.
  1. We provide quarterly newsletters to promote a sense of community and identity. Madeline Morrison graciously volunteers her time to write and publish them.
  1. For those who provide us their e-mails, we have an alert/notification list to notify our neighborhood of any suspicious activities. In the past, we alerted residents about break-ins and suspicious activities.
  1. We have a voice at City Council, and both the City and Police Force recognize us as a unified community. They have gone out of their way to patrol our area more than usual when we ask.
  1. To promote a warm community feeling, we welcome new owners to the neighborhood by giving them a gift card. Jerry & Linda Rudd are our volunteer neighborhood greeters. 

 We sponsor 4 events a year:

—Food Drive in November

—Wreath Decorating in December

—Annual Neighborhood Meeting in January

—Once-a-year Neighborhood Garage Sale in April

If you enjoy only one of the above, we hope you decide it is worth $55 A YEAR (not monthly). l00% of our funding comes from your dues. All time by the board is volunteered.


HOA Dues


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